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How to Join the NSW Fishing Clubs' Association Incorporated:

By becoming a member of a Club affiliated with a Division and the NSWFCA will allow you to become either a social member joining to enjoy the kinship of fellow members of your Club, participate in Club social activities, meet new friends whilst enjoying fishing (this can be handy if you have moved to a new area) or become an active, competitive member who enjoys competitive fishing or chasing that elusive personal best record capture. It is your choice as to the level of participation you desire from Club, Division or State activities.

The NSWFCA works on a pyramid system i.e. State Body, 12 affiliated Divisions to the NSWFCA spread throughout New South Wales, Clubs affiliated with both the NSWFCA and the Division of the Club's choice.

To join browse the pages under the "About Us | Divisions" tab above. Choose a Division then contact the Divisional Secretary who will, in turn, direct you to a Club whose activities may suit your needs.

If you are already a member of an unaffiliated Club then the Secretary will advise how your Club can become affiliated to the Division and in turn to the NSWFCA.

Alternatively, if you click on the selected Division's name you will be presented with a list of clubs within that Division which you may then contact. The Club Secretary can assist you in joining a Club by advising you of what type of fishing activities the particular club is involved in, along with meeting dates, competition times and locations.

Key Membership Benefits:

1. Upon paying your NSWFCA annual subscription to your Club you are automatically covered 365 days per annum whilst angling under the NSW Sporting Injuries Insurance Scheme which covers Death or if a permanent injury is sustained, to make a claim for Percentage Permanent Disability benefit.

2. Individual registered membership entitles the holder to participate in all Divisional and NSWFCA activities.

3. Compete as an Individual and/or as a member of a 4 person Club team at State Championships for Estuary, Rock & Beach, Off-shore, Freshwater and Land Tournament Casting in distance and accuracy.

4. Compete (if selected into a 12 person team) at Interdivisional Team Championship events in the following categories Estuary, Rock & Beach, Off-shore, Freshwater and Casting Championships.

5. The opportunity to represent your State at a Australian Anglers Association National Championship & Convention held on a rotation basis between participating States each 3 years either as an Individual or a selected member of the NSWFCA State Team.

6. Claim records for fish caught within waters of New South Wales and Casting records for events held in New South Wales at State or NSWFCA hosted AAA Championships.

7. To improve and gain fishing knowledge; to be generally informed of safety precautions necessary whilst fishing under certain conditions.

8. If so desired to become actively involved in the operational aspects of running a Club, Division or the Association.

9. The NSWFCA Management Committee continuingly liaises with Federal, State and Local Government authorities in an endeavour to ensure the various departments like Fisheries NSW and NSW Maritime are managing our fish resources in a sustainable manner and looking after our boating needs ensuring we all will be enjoying recreational fishing opportunities into the future.


The fees below are in addition to any fees charged at Club and Division level (if applicable) and are payable through your Club. NSWFCA membership fees are on financial year basis i.e. 1 July until 30 June.

1 Year Senior Membership $12.00 (includes $1.98 Adult NSW Sporting Injuries Insurance premium)

1 Year Junior Membership $1.00 up to the age of 18. (includes 39c Junior NSW Sporting Injuries Insurance premium)

5 Year Senior Membership $55.00 (includes 5 years of NSW Sporting Injuries Insurance premium)

Multi Year Junior Membership $1.00 each year up to the age of 18 and is capped at a $10.00 one-off fee (includes the NSW Sporting Injuries Insurance premium for the corresponding number of years of membership)

Multi year and 5 year membership is reliant on continued club and divisional membership.

If you wish to obtain further information then please contact Secretary NSWFCA

for Phone details see "About Us | Executive" tab above, otherwise E-mail: secretary 'at' nswfca(dot)com(dot)au