What is the NSWFCA?

The NSWFCA is the oldest and largest affiliation of fishing clubs in Australia.

Through our affiliated clubs, we have members who practice all forms of fishing. We do not favour or discriminate against any recreational fishing philosophy.

We have members who specialise in Australian freshwater natives and trout, fly-fishing devotees, bread and butter bream and tailor anglers, mulloway specialists, and even big game fanatics. Some of our members catch and release and some fish for a feed. Others are prawning and crabbing experts and know where the fattest oysters live.

Why join the NSWFCA?

Belong to the "Clan"

The members of the NSWFCA form a massive database of recreational fishing skills. Much of the fishing knowledge and techniques commonly used in recreational fishing today have evolved from within this group over the past 50 years or so. NSWFCA members created the ganged hook rig for taylor, spinning techniques for pelagics off the rocks, "puddle holing" and many other methods.

The development of fishing techniques is still going on and you can be a big part of it. Many of our fishing methods are not published but are passed on by word of mouth.

Although you can teach yourself how to fish, your learning rate will skyrocket as part of the "clan".

Political Representation

NSWFCA has no political allegiances although we take a strong position on issues that affect fishing. We represent your views to governments at all levels.

NSWFCA is committed to the sustainable use of natural resources. NSWFCA does not subscribe to the lockout conservation philosophy favoured by academics and imposed on us by governments.

If you've lost part of your turf recently you need to belong to the NSWFCA to strengthen our position.

What are some of the benefits?

Bulk Insurance Cover

NSWFCA has negotiated bulk insurance cover through our broker at a fraction of the cost of other sporting bodies.

We have a general insurance package for affiliated clubs to cover their members. The package has public liability; professional indemnity and accident cover for club officials and members when engaged in club activities including fishing. The cost is $400 per club per year subject to confirmation with our insurers.

We also offer NSWFCA affiliation to club members. This qualifies them for sporting injuries insurance cover. This cover is cheap and costs less than half the price of a block of pilchards each year.

Too many anglers and their clubs have no insurance cover. This is unfair on yourself, your families and your club executives.

We strongly urge all anglers to join an affiliated club or get your club to affiliate now.


The NSWFCA and its members keep club, regional and state record lists. You could even be eligible for an Australian record! There are no line classes or restrictions on methods of capture provided that you comply with Fisheries regulations and satisfy the application requirements.

Search this web-site and find a record just asking to be broken.

Fishing Clinics

NSWFCA and many of it's affiliated clubs run fishing clinics from time to time. These are a great way to ramp up your fishing skills and even better as an introduction for the kids.

Fishing clinics are advertised on our web site.


NSWFCA produces an annual yearbook. This informative publication is automatically mailed to affiliated members.

Members are encouraged to make contributions to our web site. You can skite about a fish, show a photo or even make a political statement.

However there is a price: you must provide readers with a fishing tip.


Want to catch a dhufish at Geraldton or a red emperor near Rockhampton? Participation in conventions will see you fishing all around the country. You will develop a network of fishing mates to help you wherever you go The NSWFCA, it's Divisions and their Clubs run a whole range of fishing outings from social events to State and National conventions. Some of our members really enjoy these outings.

AAA Conventions are run by a separate body and are financially independent of the NSWFCA.